Author: Deana Mercer, MD

Emergency Care

Hand Surgeon on Call

Hand microvascular trauma call is uncomfortable.  To awaken at 1:23 am, treat hand-saw injuries until 5:08 pm, and then freshen up to start the elective hand practice at 7 am is not easy.  It’s particularly difficult when the load of trauma call falls on few.  In the typical life of a surgeon who takes call and cares for upper-extremity trauma,…

Where are the Women?

by Deana Mercer, MD and Robert R. Schenck, MD The number of women in orthopedic surgery continues to be a challenge for the  specialty.  Despite the percentage of women in medical school having increased from 6.9% in 1965 to 47% in 2014, the percentage of women in orthopedic surgery residency programs is less than 15%, the lowest percentage of women…