May #JHSJC Transcript

For the May JHS event, we discussed an article titled "Magnitude, Direction, Temporal Patterns, and Frequency of Loss of Distal Radius Fracture Reduction in Women 50 Years and Older." We also looked at at a second article titled "Cost-Utility Analysis of Thumb Carpometacarpal Resection Arthroplasty: A Health Economic Study Using Real-World Data." We thank everyone who joined us for the…

April #JHSJC Transcript

Our #JHSJC discussion for April was stimulating and we thank all who attended! We discussed the following two articles from Volume 47, Issue 4 of The Journal of Hand Surgery: Passive Mobilization With Place and Hold Versus Active Motion Therapy After Flexor Tendon Repair: A Randomized Trial ( Assessment of Plating Versus Tension Band Wiring Constructs for Treating Mayo Type…

October #JHSJC Transcript

We had a great turnout for our October discussion! Thank you to everyone who participated. We looked at two articles from Volume 45, Issue 10 of The Journal of Hand Surgery: The Influence of Cost Information on Treatment Choice: A Mixed-Methods Study and Thumb Carpometacarpal Arthritis: Prognostic Indicators and Timing of Further Intervention Following Corticosteroid Injection. Feel free to continue…