March #JHSJC Transcript

Thank you to everyone near and far who joined in for the #JHSJC event this month! The first article we discussed was "Five-Year Results of a Randomized, Controlled Trial of Collagenase Treatment Compared With Needle Fasciotomy for Dupuytren Contracture" (https://www.jhandsurg.org/article/S0363-5023(21)00761-9/fulltext) and the second was "Outcome of Simple Decompression of Primary Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Based on Patient-Reported Outcome Measurements" (https://www.jhandsurg.org/article/S0363-5023(21)00763-2/fulltext). As…

October #JHSJC Transcript

October's #JHSJC event was tremendous! Thank you to all who participated both in North America and Europe! We discussed the following articles: Limited Fasciectomy Versus Collagenase Clostridium histolyticum for Dupuytren Contracture: A Propensity Score Matched Study of Single Digit Treatment With Minimum 5 Years of Telephone Follow-Up 2. A Standard Set for Outcome Measurement in Patients With Hand and Wrist…

November #JHSJC Transcript

We’ll be posting all #JHSJC transcripts from here on out (including past conversations!), so be sure to check back in case you miss a discussion! You can read all of the #JHSJC transcripts here! November’s #JHSJC was a spirited conversation addressing two articles from Volume 44, Issue 11 of The Journal of Hand Surgery: Outcomes and Direct Costs of Needle Aponeurotomy,…