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June #JHSJC Transcript

Thank you to everyone who participated in the June #JHSJC! We'll be taking a short break for the summer but will be back in September. See you then! We looked at two excellent articles from Volume 45, Issue 6 of The Journal of Hand Surgery: The Prognostic Value of Preoperative Patient-Reported Function and Psychological Characteristics on Early Outcomes Following Trapeziectomy With Ligament…


We kicked off the new year with a lively #JHSJC discussion on two articles from Volume 45, Issue 1 of The Journal of Hand Surgery: Development and Validation of a Prognostic, Risk-Adjusted Scoring System for Operative Upper-Extremity Infections and Establishing a National Registry for Hand Surgery. Feel free to continue the conversation below in the comments! And please check out previous #JHSJC transcripts (please scroll to…