November #JHSJC Transcript

For this discussion, we looked at Midterm Patient-Reported Outcomes in Wrist Denervation for Post-Traumatic Arthritis and Patterns of Upper Extremity Reconstruction for Patients With Tetraplegia Across the United States: A Retrospective Study, both of which are from the November 2021 issue of JHS. We thank everyone who joined our debate, especially our colleagues from overseas! Feel free to continue the…

October #JHSJC Transcript

October's #JHSJC event was tremendous! Thank you to all who participated both in North America and Europe! We discussed the following articles: Limited Fasciectomy Versus Collagenase Clostridium histolyticum for Dupuytren Contracture: A Propensity Score Matched Study of Single Digit Treatment With Minimum 5 Years of Telephone Follow-Up 2. A Standard Set for Outcome Measurement in Patients With Hand and Wrist…