April #JHSJC Transcript

The pandemic didn’t stop us from having a great discussion on two articles from Volume 45, Issue 4 of The Journal of Hand Surgery: Risk of Infection in Trigger Finger Release Surgery Following Corticosteroid Injection and Physical and Occupational Therapy Use and Cost After Common Hand Procedures.

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Brent Graham @BgTalkinman:
There’s a pandemic but we can still discuss our papers together! Welcome to #JHSJC for April!
Please use the #jhsjc hashtag!
Let’s start with first article on post-injection infection risk after trigger finger surgery #jhsjc

Nina Suh @NinaSuh9:
This manuscript was very clinical relevant! I loved the study question #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @NinaSuh9:
Agreed, very relevant to almost all hand surgeons #jhsjc

RyanC @RPCalfeeSTL:
a couple of interesting recent papers on injections and infection risk #jhsjc

Warren @whammert:
But will they change practice? Would you not offer an injection, when that can be curative, due to risk of infection? #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman:
No randomization but about half the pts had an injection and half didn’t, overall infection rate 0.5%. Does that figure ring true? #jhsjc

Nina Suh @NinaSuh9:
I would still offer injection but gives evidence to delay the surgery for failure of steroid #jhsjc

RyanC @RPCalfeeSTL:
although still rare it makes me space out surgery from injection #jhsjc

Warren @whammert to @RPCalfeeSTL:
how far? I have always said 6 weeks, but was due to my concern for healing rather than infection #jhsjc

Avi Giladi @theaviram to @whammert:
might delay time to surgery after injection at least #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @whammert:
That is the question. Is that infection rate sufficient to affect timing of surgery? #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @theaviram:
Would you now tell a patient that they must wait 90 days after an injection to have surgery? #jhsjc

RayRavenMD, MHCI, MBA @RayRavenMD to @whammert:
I may consider not giving an injection for the patient who has surgery planned but wants some temporary relief. The question is, how long should I wait? #JHSJC

Avi Giladi @theaviram to @whammert and @RPCalfeeSTL:
the growing evidence associating steroids and post-operative complications after hand surgery is concerning #jhsjc

Warren @whammert to @BgTalkinman and @theaviram:
I would find that long if the injection didn’t work at 4-6 weeks #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @RPCalfeeSTL:
Do you advise pts that before the injection? #jhsjc

RayRavenMD, MHCI, MBA @RayRavenMD to @whammert:
I may consider not giving an injection for the patient who has surgery planned but wants some temporary relief. #jhsjc
The question is, how long should I wait between injection and surgery? #jhsjc

Brett McClelland @BrettMcClella18:
What about the other end of the result… Would you offer surgery within 30 days if injection failed? #jhsjc

Jonas Matzon @JonasMatzon to @whammert and @RPCalfeeSTL:
6wks is what we used to tell people as well, but we couldn’t find any data behind it…hence the study #jhsjc

Avi Giladi @theaviram to @RayRavenMD and @whammert:
evidence for CMC injections has led me to avoid them when possible. might do same for trigger if surgery likely #jhsjc

RyanC @RPCalfeeSTL:
I like 6 weeks even though this says 90 d. I also think of lutsky jhs 2019 about inj during surgery being a risk #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @RayRavenMD and @whammert:
Will patients refuse an injection if they will have to wait 3 months if the injection fails? #jhsjc

Warren @whammert to @JonasMatzon and @RPCalfeeSTL:
SO 6 weeks was bad, but less than 30 was not? Why? #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @RPCalfeeSTL:
Same authors! Did that recommend something different? I can’t remember. #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @JonasMatzon, @whammert, and @RPCalfeeSTL:
What do you tell them now? #jhsjc

Brett McClelland @BrettMcClella18:
Yes, I was also confused by the less than 30 day result. #jhsjc

Jonas Matzon @JonasMatzon to @whammert and @RPCalfeeSTL:
Not sure. The 0-30 group had very low numbers. Also, the were clustered towards 30 #jhsjc

RyanC @RPCalfeeSTL:
just noted that ipsilat inj during surgery increased risk #jhsjc
I think 0-30d finding a number issue. Can’t imagine safer there #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @BrettMcClella18:
Hi Brett. Hope things are well down under. What is your usual recommendation? #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @JonasMatzon, @whammert, and @RPCalfeeSTL:
That was my thought – sampling issue #jhsjc

Jonas Matzon @JonasMatzon:
Also, there will always be a time period from day 0 to timing of 1st infection that will be infection “free” #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @JonasMatzon:
How so? #jhsjc

Brett McClelland @BrettMcClella18 to @BgTalkinman:
Australia faring well in the COVID landscape thanks Brent. Usual recommendation is a review at 6w to assess need for Sx #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @BrettMcClella18:
That’s the TWH way! #jhsjc

Jonas Matzon @JonasMatzon to @BgTalkinman and 2 others:
We tell them that they should wait until 3M post-injection for surgery #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @JonasMatzon and 2 others:
Do pts refuse injections if they are told that? #jhsjc

Avi Giladi @theaviram to @BgTalkinman @JonasMatzon and 2 others:
some of mine refuse injection if they know they need to wait #jhsjc

Jonas Matzon @JonasMatzon:
That hasn’t been my experience. Fortunately, injections usually work greater than 3M #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @theaviram and 3 others:
That’s what I might have expected. #jhsjc

Nina Suh @NinaSuh9:
I have also found that people refuse injection if sx will be delayed if injection failure #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @JonasMatzon:
There’s a paper coming soon showing that 3 injections is more cost effective unless surgery costs are quite low #jhsjc

David Ring @DrDavidRing:
How long do you wait until you decide a steroid injection will not work for trigger digit?

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @JonasMatzon:
The paper notes that most of the injections were done by others than the hand surgeon. What is the significance of that? #jhsjc

RayRavenMD, MHCI, MBA @RayRavenMD to @BgTalkinman and @whammert:
that has been my experience. #jhsjc

RayRavenMD, MHCI, MBA @RayRavenMD to @DrDavidRing:
Hey @DrDavidRing, don’t you just tell them they need to adapt and live with it? lol. #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman:
Are injections less effective if not done by a hand surgeon? #jhsjc

Jonas Matzon @JonasMatzon:
Most of those patients were excluded because we could not find dates/timing of injections. Patients in injection-yes group were ours #jhsjc

Avi Giladi @theaviram to @BgTalkinman:
dont think any less effective. good evidence that approach and even accuracy in the sheath aren’t critical #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman:
Are infections more likely if the injection was done by a non-hand surgeon? #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @JonasMatzon:
Thanks for clarifying – I don’t think I got that. #jhsjc

RayRavenMD, MHCI, MBA @RayRavenMD to @BgTalkinman:
good question. Probably not. #jhsjc

drkucz @DrKuczMD to @DrDavidRing:
One of the few times my research is relevant to the conversation! In JHS no less! Advocating for 2 injections in diabetics. #jhsjc @DrDavidRing https://www.researchgate.net/publication/325197688_Management_of_Diabetic_Trigger_Finger

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman:
There has been evidence about the cost-effectiveness of multiple injections. How does that play into this risk? #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @theaviram:
Agreed. #jhsjc

Jonas Matzon @JonasMatzon to @DrDavidRing:
We just submitted a paper on this question and our data says 3 wks. #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @JonasMatzon:
I don’t think it was studied but is the risk likely to be increased by multiple injections? #jhsjc

Jonas Matzon @JonasMatzon to @BgTalkinman:
Great question – we don’t know. #jhsjc

Brett McClelland @BrettMcClella18:
My only experience with non hand-surgeon injections has been that they are much more painful! #jhsjc

Warren @whammert to @BrettMcClella18:
for you or the patient:) #jhsjc

Warren @whammert to @JonasMatzon and @DrDavidRing:
so not effective after 3 weeks, but recommend another 9 weeks prior to surgery? #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @JonasMatzon and @DrDavidRing:
I’ve usually waited 6 weeks because there are sometimes late responders. #jhsjc
I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the response was in first 3 weeks. #jhsjc

Brett McClelland @BrettMcClella18 to @BgTalkinman, @JonasMatzon, and @DrDavidRing:
I agree that we see some folks with a great response in week 4 or 5! #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @BrettMcClella18:
I don’t doubt that. #jhsjc

Jonas Matzon @JonasMatzon to @whammert:
Unless an appt is scheduled, most pts don’t come back at 3 wks for persistent symptoms (per Ring’s paper) #jhsjc

Avi Giladi @theaviram to @BgTalkinman and @JonasMatzon:
re: multiple injections, we published a study showing that for CMC more injections = increase surg risk #jhsjc

Christopher J. Dy MD MPH FACS @ChrisDyMD:
haven’t settled the kids down for the evening, but i’m here for it! – #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman
Multiple injections and infection risk – any data or ideas about that? That is what payers will eventually ask for. #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @theaviram and @JonasMatzon:
Was that over a similar time course – 90 days? #jhsjc

Avi Giladi @theaviram to @BgTalkinman and @JonasMatzon:
time course was less impactful than the number of injections. JHSE publication (sorry!) #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @theaviram:
You’re allowed! #jhsjc

Brett McClelland @BrettMcClella18 to @BgTalkinman:
The spanner in the works here is the infection risk data on contra-lateral injections. Does total injection = R+L? #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @theaviram and @JonasMatzon:
It’s a concern because that could form part of value-based payment in the future – multiple injections. #jhsjc

Megan Conti Mica, MD @megancontimica to @RayRavenMD and @BgTalkinman:
I would lean towards no. Don’t give us too much credit! #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman:
Great discussion! Lots of further questions to explore. Thanks @JonasMatzon for joining in! #jhsjc
Let’s move on to the paper about therapy use and cost. podcast: https://www.jhandsurg.org/pb/assets/raw/Health%20Advance/journals/yjhsu/April_2020-1585746010900.mp3 #jhsjc

Nina Suh @NinaSuh9:
I was quite surprised with the difference with the South! #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @NinaSuh9:
No matter the topic, regional differences are always found, especially where evidence is lacking. #jhsjc

Warren @whammert to @BgTalkinman and @NinaSuh9:
I agree variation, not just from different regions. Some use therapists as physician extenders #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @whammert:
You’ve gone right to the heart of the matter ! Glad it was you and not me that said it! #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman:
question 1: why is therapy use increasing for #CMC arthroplasty? Might be understandable for #DRF #jhsjc
I will admit that q100% of pts that have #CMC arthroplasty by me get #PT/#OT so I might be an outlier; don’t understand the increase #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @whammert and @NinaSuh9:
No data of course, but that was the first thing I thought of. How much does that explain the findings for you? #jhsjc

Warren @whammert to @BgTalkinman:
it also generates revenue as these are not global visits #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @whammert:
Meaning that they are added to the reimbursement by being outside the expected MD follow-up? #jhsjc

Nina Suh @NinaSuh9:
oh I hadn’t thought of the MD extender concept but I could see how that would increase utilization #jhsjc

Robert Rhoad, MD @Rhoad:
Recent experience now suggests many patients may prefer f/u Telemedicine Hand therapy #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman:
geo variation doesn’t always mean the high utilizers are wrong. Low utilizers may not be providing enough service #jhsjc

Warren @whammert to @BgTalkinman:
yes – therapy co payment for each visit, while those with PA or NP are global/ free visits. #jhsjc

Brett McClelland @BrettMcClella18:
We see colossal variation in Therapy rates here in Australia, and presumably financial incentives play a significant role. #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @Rhoad:
Does that mean that they don’t actually see the therapist in person? #jhsjc

Robert Rhoad, MD @Rhoad to @BgTalkinman:
yes, establish initial relationship at appt, then f/u with virtual visit. Adapted during the shutdown #jhsjc

Nina Suh @NinaSuh9 to @BrettMcClella18:
how is the variation different? #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @whammert and @BrettMcClella:
don’t make me sad! #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @whammert:
What happens when that becomes part of the bundled fee? #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @Rhoad:
That could have some important added value if there is no passive modalities with no support in evidence given . #jhsjc

Warren @whammert to @BgTalkinman:
complicate question as it depends on who owns the therapy unit, but have to think it will decrease visits. #jhsjc

Robert Rhoad, MD @Rhoad to @BgTalkinman:
we anticipate good value plus patient satisfaction #jhsjc

Brett McClelland @BrettMcClella18 to @NinaSuh9:
some therapists are happy with home-based programmes and contact every 2-6 weeks, others 2-4 times per week!!! #jhsjc
and of course Workers’ Compensation is a whole different kettle of fish. #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @whammert:
The average out of pocket expense was less than $100. Does that ring true to you in upstate NY? #jhsjc

Avi Giladi @theaviram to @Rhoad and @BgTalkinman:
we started teletherapy pre-COVID and it was overall well received. now it’s crucial! payments are the challenge #jhsjc

Warren @whammert to @BgTalkinman:
I really don’t know as I work at a university and they own the therapy unit, but I don’t see financials #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @BrettMcClella18 and @NinaSuh9:
The main impact of therapy has been shown to be pt educ. Telehealth like @Rhoad suggests fits that model #jhsjc

Robert Rhoad, MD @Rhoad to @theaviram and @BgTalkinman:
agreed, but I’m impressed how patients have taken to it #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @theaviram and @Rhoad:
Ontario is a big place without many people (except in Toronto) so it has been used a lot. #jhsjc

Robert Rhoad, MD @Rhoad to @BgTalkinman and @theaviram:
like many things, success also depends on engaged, motivated therapist #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman:
It can be assumed that PT/OT will be very much in the crosshairs when value-based payments come. How will that change these findings? #jhsjc

Jeffrey Stepan MD, MSc @JeffStepanMD:
How much of this increase in OT visits could be due to better coding within the database over time? #jhsjc
Would be nice to see internal validity check: trend OT use after flexor tendon repair during time period – shouldn’t see much change #jhsjc

Warren @whammert to @BgTalkinman:
I think it has to decrease therapy overall – more scrutiny from groups or institutions for referral and justification #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @whammert:
your view fits with the data bc the increases were mostly number of pts; cost/visit was static #jhsjc

Avi Giladi @theaviram to @JeffStepanMD:
therapy use after flexor tendon not nearly as consistent as you’d think. we tried looking at it #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @JeffStepanMD:
I would have thought that to be true for #CMC arthroplasty because that hasn’t changed for decades – visits increased #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @theaviram and @JeffStepanMD:
That is amazing! Certainly more justified – I guess – than after trigger finger or deQ. #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @whammert:
Agreed. In the absence of evidence it is very hard to justify in many instances. #jhsjc

Robert Rhoad, MD @Rhoad:
Therapy visit volume alter between HOPD unit (expensive) vs non-HOPD? #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @JeffStepanMD:
I’m sure that the coders are compelled to leave no stone related to payment unturned but I suspect its more sinister #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @Rhoad and @JeffStepanMD:
I mean physician/institution driven more than coding variations #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman to @RobertFosterMD1 and @whammert:
Wow! How can anybody afford that? There is a major adjustment coming when value-based payments become more established. #jhsjc

Brent Graham @BgTalkinman:
Fantastic discussion! Thanks to all! Stay inside! It will be over at some point! We will be back here next month. #jhsjc

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