Author: Daniel A. Osei, MD, MSc


On Evidence-Based Medicine

A few weeks ago, I read an editorial in the JBJS that made me think of the meaning of the word “evidence” and how it relates to clinical practice in 2016. In their article titled “Level-III and IV Evidence: Still Essential for the Field of Musculoskeletal Medicine and Surgery” Drs. Sangeorzan and Swiontkowski argue that the “wholesale buy-in of statistical…

What is a p-value? The problem of hypothesis testing in observational studies

At a time when cost-effective, evidence-based care is increasingly demanded by patients, payers and our own professional organizations, research on outcomes of treatment has become more common. Over the past 10 years there has been a steady increase in the  levels of evidence reported in most of the journals read by hand surgeons. While this trend is encouraging in appearance,…