Author: Felicity Fishman, MD

Career Path

Mobility in Medicine

It is estimated that an orthopaedic surgeon will change his or her job approximately 2-3 times during the span of their career, which seems relatively infrequent in comparison to other professions.  It has been quoted that 54% of physicians change their jobs within the initial 2 to 5 years of practice.  This would imply, that after the first job change,…

Mindbugs In Medicine

There is a concept proposed in a book I recently read of the “mindbug,” which the authors define as “ingrained habits of thought that lead to errors in how we perceive, remember and make decisions” (Banaji, M; Greenwald, Anthony. Blindspot.  New York, Random House, 2013).   Through a series of tests that time the subject’s ability to associate different words to…